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this is my third time trying to post this because my computer keeps crashing so im going to be breif bare with me ill fill you in on specs if you cant google it lol i have a IHI RHB6 which has never been used buts not brand new it was sitting in a box never used when i traded it for a set of wheels. its a replacement turbo for old fiat spyders isuzu NPRs and many more vehicles so it has an internal adjustable internal waste gate. oh and i want to sell the intercooler i have with is too off of an super charger mazda millenia 2.3 used. was going to use it for a blow through set up on my A series but im set on doing a ka swap insted. with that being said im "asking" 250 o.b.o for turbo and intercooler. pm me if interested. local pick up only not a big fan of scammers lol thanks for looking! and now for the porn shots









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i started building it for my A14 i only got as far as making the top hat and mointing the intercooler. you will have to make custom exhaust and intake depending on if your doing blow through or draw through. search "topgear" on datsun1200.com that should give you some


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