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Aaaaarrrgggghhh, I hate file finishing

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Ive had this bonnet sitting in storage for 13 years.


Recently decided I might offload it too pay for some more tattoo's.


Many years ago a very good panel beater taught me some tricks.


Have to say, it's coming up a treat, but, I hate doing the finicky filing work.


There will have to be some filler (bondo) but, when I've finished hammering and filing hopefully it will be fuck all.


Still practicing lead wiping, yet, I'm nowhere near ready to do it to finish panels yet.



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There is NOTHING wrong with using filler as long as it is used to smooth out minor bumps and pits.  Get the metal reasonably close, use a thin coat, and Bob's yer uncle..


A quality high build 2-pack primer will also sometimes fill low spots I never though possible. 


Are you doing the lead wiping yet?  Getting the metal tinned is the key to it.  The lead much is MUCH easier when working on a horizontal surface like you have there..


Good luck with it and hang in there!

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Haven't started to try lead wiping yet, though have been inspired the work on your goon!


I have lots and lots of panels to practice on and will save the bonnet at this stage from my amateur attempts.


I've created (IMLTHO) some masterpieces of bodywork using bog (as we call it) in my time, but, prefer not to use it unless absolutely necessary.


I'm a massive fan of high fill primer and have used it many times previously to hide all manner of sins in my bodywork :)


Thanks for the good wishes, onwards and upwards I say !

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The nice thing about lead is if you make a mistake, you can heat it up and it all falls right off.


I would also recommend that any time you apply or file lead, put some thick paper (like masking paper or similar) underneath and catch all the shavings or droppings.  I throw all of mine in a coffee can and melt it down and make new lead bars.  It makes no difference how many times the lead had been melted.  It's just as good as the bars you buy new.


I'll have some photos of that soon.


Anyway, practice on your bonnet!  If you have questions, let me  know.. 

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When I get around to trying my first attempt I'll let you know.


One of my extra curricular activities is IPSC (despite Australia's ridiculous gun laws).


As a result I have access to a extraordinary amount of lead.


These are lead ingots I've made from spent bullets, just waiting to grace some Datsun panels :)



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