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Anti dieseling switch???


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So since j swapped the hitachi from the goon to the truck I haven't been able to get the damn thing to idle below 2k. On warm up its at like 3k! Tried turning the idle down and it would just die. Anyways... I was pokin around trying to fix this and I found the wire for my anti dieseling switch. Which was not plugged in due to I could not find the wire when I switched to the truck. Anywaays. I plugged the thing in and the truck instantly died. Started right back up. After it warmed up it was Ideling at like 2500. So I decided to try turning the idle down again. This time it turned all the way down to 1k and idols there. A little rough and tents to hunt some. But it's better then 2k!


I guess the question I have is was this change due to me plugging in the anti dieseling switch? Or is this just a fluke and it prolly won't start next time j cold start it cause I have the idol turned down lower then I could handle before?

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  Since that switch wants 12v to operate, just tie it into the electric choke's power wire on the firewall. It gets 12v when the choke does (key on) and will work just fine :)


Glad you found the problem.......2-3k idle is not idling.....it's low throttle....LOL.

Now that you have it idling.....try adjusting the mixture screw a little and see if you can smooth it out. Using the idle screw and that mixture screw, do your best to get the smoothest idle approx 750-800rpm if manual trans....another 100rpm + - if it's a slushbox :D


**be sure your ignition timing is close to spec as well as your valve clearances**

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