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240z and wavy roofs common ?


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DOes every 240z have a wavy roof. or is it just from neglect or abuse?


Any ways tof ix this properly?


btw this is city hunte rposting at mikey's


Most people use old 240Z's for storing boxes in the garage :(


Mine was like that and so were the front fenders. if it's not to bad you can fix it yourself. If the roof has a huge dent just pop it from the inside. You need to get yourself a long board from a good paint supply store. Use some good body filler. I like EVERCOAT METAL GLAZE. P/N 100415. It's a two part filler. works great dries fast and sands easy. apply it light and sand. add more if needed. You need the long board to keep it from comming out wavey. I worked on my roof for a couple days. It came out really straight. good luck.

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