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What to do with this car.


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  1. 1. What should I do with this car...

    • Save it?
    • Sell it?
    • Part and Scrap?

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Ok guys,


I'm not sure where I should have put so I'm just going to post it here. I've got a hold of a complete 710 wagon with title for free out of a deal. The car ruff...reeally ruff...up it runs (with carb work) and has the 5spd trans. Thing is, I don't have the money or the will I have the time to fix it (if any at all) because I'm focusing on my 68 510. So I'll ask all of you on the Ratsun, posting pic's and let you guys tell me what you think.



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i would say part it out. or sell it to someone who has the time and effort. dont scrap the car because well.....its a datsun! haha if you dont have the time or anything than sell it, or parts of it, to make someone(s) happy with parts or a whole car. then you will have more money to finish the badass 510 :thumbup:

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Ugh! I'm half drunk and I just went to DFW to get a truck.


I also just decided to not make the canby trip and use the money on,my truck.


I'll see if I can dupe one if my friends into buying it so I can come get it.

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what kind of question is that? save that shit i would drive the hell out of it 

Love to, problem is, I have my Dodge Ram, my 210 and the 510. Wife says no more and really, I have no where to keep it. I'd drive it but like I said, I want to focus on my 68 project. =\

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Pay it forward to some kid who wants to get into Datsuns. They will bite off more of a project than they can chew and it will be a parts car in no time. Problem solved.


This looks like a decent platform. I really don't think this should end up as a parts car.

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If nothing else surfaces, contact your local High School or Community College auto body repair class teacher and see if they would accept it as a project. They could then sell it and use the money for more supplies. Plus, you would get a tax deductable donation receipt.


Who knows, when finished your wife might want to buy it!

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Save that 710.... not even a question . Some one wants it, sell it to save it if you must, just remember it was a freeish bonus car. Dont go posting it for 1500 buck..... if you do plan to do that.. then just scrap it.

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