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Best shocks?


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So new shock absorbers are in the near future for the '79 620, and I've read about the KYBs, Toxics, etc. but I wanted your opinions, so let me know what you've tried/heard. Not looking for anything too fancy, just a good ride and something that will last. The truck is lowered 4" up front and 2 in the rear, and cost is somewhat of an issue, I'd like to keep it under eighty bucks. Also I've found Gabriel Red Ryders pretty cheap, but have'nt found any info on them. Dunno if there is much difference from one brand to another, but any input is appreciated!




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kyb is what came stock on all datsuns if i remember correctly but as long as there not gas shocks gas are way harsh


bon, there are gas shocks available in different levels of stiffness


i recommend the kyb gr-2 for a nice compromise of performance, comfort and price


kyb also makes oem replacement as well as agx hi-perf adjustable shocks

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