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Buyer fell through, so i kept her!

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Thanks, I appreciate it, mate. Honestly, the best intake is one you fab yourself (if you have the ability). There's tons of threads on intakes for the l28 on hybridZ.

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Well all I can find is the n42 manifold just has no egr, are they all the same really?

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The non egr manifolds will work just fine with any l28, provided your egr isn't required for smog. (coughcaliforniacough). Just remember to plug any egr port on your exhaust. Zdriver has a writeup on how to reduce clutter and clean up the vacuum lines. I did it to mine and it makes one heck of a difference. You should look for a 60mm th and convert to a cable throttle at the same time.

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I will trade you my z31.

I want a right hand drive 280zx so bad you have no idea.


Also did you try the afm write up?

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i did try it today with no luck :/


i did however start loosening the spring for the 

flapper and got it to kinda work, i loosened it

alot and di some pulls here and there, now it

surges like it has fuel cut, i am gonna play with the

spring tomorrow if it doesnt snow, it only surges 

under a load though i can have it in neutral and rev but

sometimes the throttle will stay at 2000 to 3000 so i tap the 

gas to get it to fall back to idle, its gonna take some

tweaking with that spring and the idle mixture screw

but hopefully i can dial it in and not pour fuel out

my exhaust anymore

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ok i have been scouring the net and different forum site, please forgive me, and

i have it nailed down to a vacuum leak or the bcdd(boost controlled decel device).


tomorrow i am going to go through and replace all my vac lines and then disengage

the bcdd, from the sounds of it the bcdd is the likely culprit since now with the original

afm plugged back in it idles high around 2000 to 3000 rpms and will not lower even

when tapping the gas etc, i am going to recheck my throttle linkage and make sure it

isnt overly tight, clean out the tps and afm connections, and hunt around for leaks.

my worst fear, which really isnt a fear, is the intake manifold gasket is leaking but

i highly doubt it but could happen. i will post results tomorrow, has anyone else on 

here had that issue, the high idle that refuses to come down?

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no vacuum leaks, bcdd bypassed, egr blocked off, new plugs, wires, and the car starts like a champ, but... idles still high it wont come down, i started playing with the distributor, it wil only run all the way clockwise, it has a serious lack of power vs afm-less, so timing has to be off i imagine so i dremeled the little factory plate on the bottom of the distributor so i could turn it clockwise a little more but the damn matchbox got caught up on the temp sensor plug, is clockwise advance or retard? i am lazy and dont want to go back out in the snow and play anymore and i cant find my timing light so i dont know where timing sits right now lol, and i lost my haynes is the process 

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2-seat Fairlady Z is unheard of.


Do you know what country it was made for?

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