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boo I have a Problem....


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76' 620. 2.2L stroker


well I go and try to start my motor last night.. have all the wires hooked up in the right place im pretty sure and go to crank it and its a no go.. well after

dubble checking everything and charging the battery try it again and nothing happens.


so well the only wires i think i have mixed up are on the alternator. now i got the T plug in the right place and the battery cable in the right place.. Im just not sure where the white and red wire goes.(hooked it up to the battery cable on alt) and the black wire(just hooked it up to what i think its a ground...) well if anyone has any pictures of their alt and where the wires go that would be great. I have looked at a coupple of wireing diagrams


And when i tryed to start it the third time i melted the red wire that goes to the distributer.. what could have caused this? mixing up the wires on the alt?


Any help would be nice.

Thank you



Oh and here's my number if any one can help. should be working in about 2 hours. and going all night. 520-678-0058 even send me a picture on my phone if you want.

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Are you getting any spark? take one of the spark plug wires and connect a used spark plug and ground it to valve cover (maybe leave about 3 mm of spacing) and crank the car, if there's spark, then isolate each one...start with the starter, is it hooked up right, is battery connections tight, are all you fuses good...

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Thanks everyone but i figured it out... I accidentally hooked up my starter and alt cables backwords... but yeah in the process of frying the dizzy wire I fried everything in side the distributer.. so yeah im just going to switch to electronic ingnision. So I got it to crank and everything so it should be good when i get my EI so yeah and fiveNdime I think hooking up my EI will be alot easyier from your diagram.

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