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Rat Tail Draggers new 620


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This used to be my 76 Ratsun truck you have all seen. My friend Crazy Edd conned me into selling it to him (wined about not being as cool as me). He then busted his ass on the body work (she was ruff):blink: Shot her with some custom Blu primer and thru some 15" chrome pathys on it and BAM! we have a new Truck & driver here @ Ratsun.Net:D I am pleased with the results altjo a little evious too:fu:


Here it is when I sold it to him minus the Rims



And after the metamorphus:cool:


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do-hooked strikes again!!!!!


I do want to be a member! As a matter of fact, We just shaved mine off my 73 last nite!


As for the peep mirror, I got it @ a hotrod store. I see them all the time in the classic truck mags. Now I neeed to get another 1:blink:

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Damn Doug, does that mean the kc is your only truck now? It looks badass in blue, and Jesus Christ I want those mirrors. :D


Wait, nevermind, just saw the new 620's you've acquired. You seem to have quite a hook up on gettin those trucks. You gotta tell me your secret. But Jesus Christ I still want those mirrors

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