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dyna lite rims


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Just any basic info about them rims. Like Is Dyna Lite the manufacturer, whats the name of the rims. Stuff like that, thanks for all the help


Is there any information printed on the back of the wheel?


The wheels appear to be made by a company called "Keystone" who made a lot of popular wheels in the 70's. The name of the wheel model is "Dyna Lite". So your wheels are Keystone Dyna Lites.



Should help with getting further info.

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Hello everyone,

I need money to continue my project and I have a set of rims for sale if you are interested please let me know

I'm located in los angeles I have a set of  DYNA LITE 4 lugs,  in a great condition, $1000 obo a set of EPSILON DEED DISH $1500  and a set of DAISYS $700

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0I have a set of dyna-lites myself.  They are 15x7 with a horrible postive offset.  They were made by Keystone in the 70s/80s and are decent wheels.  You can get them rebarreled if need be.  Mine will eventually get that treatment when I get the money(1000$ or so).  There are a couple of guys on celicasupra.com that have had them rebarreled to 16x8 or so.  I paid 50$ for mine, which would still make them cheaper than SSR mesh or Enkie in 16 inches.

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