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6-lug wheels and tires for sale

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Brand new set of wheels and tires/never been mounted:

- Intro 17x8 Radicalli 6 Twister

- Kumho Ecsta ASX 215/40/R17




These wheels were for my 93 hardbody but i am selling the truck. Im selling the wheels with tires for $1000.00. if you think that this is expensive feel free to check out the intro website for pricing, http://www.intowheels.com . The set is $1750 on the site not including tires, and depending where you live its not easy finding a dealer that carries intro wheels. As mentioned above these wheels and tires have not been mounted or used yet. I am in Kent, Washington. If you are interested in the wheels contact me at lolow93@hotmail.com or call me at 206-919-8303. My name is Ray.


Thanks for looking

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