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idle switch?


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1/ Do you have one wing nut holding the air filter on... means you have the electronic controlled (feedback) carburetor or ECC.


1/ The round plug at the back of the ECC carb has a known habit of wires breaking inside the insulation. Nissan was too cheap and should have made them longer so they would flex from engine movement and when taking the air filter off. The throttle valve switch is on the carb near the throttle lever and has contacts that should close at idle and open above idle. (about 1,300 rpm) If the wire is broken for this then the ECU is fooled into thinking the throttle is open when it's really idling. The air fuel ratio is adjusted many times a second by a solenoid... if the wire to this or some of the other sensors is broken the system defaults to an over rich 'limp home' mode that won't hurt the motor but ruins the gas mileage.






2/ Do you have two wing nuts holding the air filter on... means you have throttle body electronic fuel injection. EFI



2/ The 'electro injection' system does not suffer the same problems as the ECC carb above but sensors or bad adjustments will cause problems. The throttle position and idle switch are on the firewall side of the throttle body opposite side to the throttle cable. It's a small flat black rectangular unit.

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