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Heading up to Portland this Saturday, Parts & Wheels For Sale

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I'm heading up to Portland this Saturday March 2nd to sell my Z and wanted to sell this stuff I have sitting in my garage that I don't use. Everything you see here is to fund for gas to make it back home.


Pair of 14x6 280zx 6 spoke wheels $40 obo



Pair of 15x7 Riken RTW mesh wheels tires are no good - $150 obo



82-83 280zx tail lights In good shape - $65 obo



Old Grant steering wheel - $15 obo



I didn't get a chance to take pics of the rest of the stuff stupid phone kept crashing on me I'll take pics tomorrow but here's what I have left.


Toyota 4 piston calipers with brakes - $90 obo


Im not planning on sticking around too long just for a few hours, would be awesome to have this stuff sold before I leave. Drop a comment below on what you want and I'll PM you and work out a price and place to meet. Thanks guys

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I might want to get those meshies......I had a issue with a curb awhile back. :(

Sweet, both have some curb damage but there not that bad don't know if you can see it from the picture I can snap some pics of the curb damage.

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anything wrong with the 6 spokes?


Nope they came off a ZX at the PickNPull a few years back when I needed some extra wheels, they already had the curb damage I pull some better pics of them.


Heres what the curb damage looks like on both.





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