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Chrome mirrors / Fender mirrors. SOLD. PLEASE DELETE.

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Contact info: Marcos_gonzalez_13@ymail.com / or shoot me a PM

Payment Preffered: Paypal at address above.
Shipping: Shipping on buyer. 
Location: Dallas, Texas
I am selling a Set of chrome Mirrors, They are very light weight but durable, no cracks on mirrors, some on casing only because they are used (they are dirty in the pictures) So their are not that badly scratched..
They come with the hardware to mount up, and the gasket to protect your vehicles paint. They are very tight and hold their position good. 
I do not need them I was going to use them on my s130 for fender style mirrors, but decided im just going to use the original ones. 
You could use them as fender mirrors or replace your old ones with these. Whatever floats your boat. 
Money will be going towards my s130. 
Thank you 
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Would these not be door mirrors and not fender mirrors? If you are trying to use them as fender mirrors, I see a problem with them being straight. If they are straight, you wont be able to open the hood... these would make nice door mirrors though. 

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Yeah they are available, don't really need them.


Yes they are door mirrors, but I was going to utilize them as fender mirrors as the hood would clear them, but that was on my 280zx since they have that open space on the top part of it. And the mirrors arent centerd the pivot point is more to the inside.

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