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Porting a A87 head question


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jusyt match port the entry hole of the intake to 1.5 I wouldnt do and major posr increases to far inside. But yes it can get thin on the casting what I read also. incase you over heat the thing and it cranks and suck in water. then you kow its cracked.

My W53 was match ported and no proplems was about 100$


you can use a Felpro intake or a SSS gasket as your outline

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You can port MOST of the L18-L20B heads to 38mm, without issues. The issues start to become problems about the time you get to 40mm, U67 will go to 40, A87 sometimes can go to 40, 210 castings *should* stop at 36, but I've cut the one I bought from Yenpit here to 38mm with no water, sonic tester says I've got adequate wall thickness for decent head life still.


The L6 heads will all go to 40, if you are cautious and careful. Even the 05L, which came stock with 28mm intake ports!

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Are you planning on porting this head yourself? If so, I'm sure you probably know there's a lot more to porting than just the size of the port.


If it's a simple engine and you want to gain a few ponies on the cheap, have the bowls and chambers reworked and maybe install larger valves. Porting gains are not fully realized without bigger valves.

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