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1986 Nissan 720 King Cab ST 4x4 picked it up this weekend.


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1800 with that badass curb check down the side? Ouch lol.


Pretty clean otherwise. Whats the odo read?


Good news is all 720 doors are the same. Bad is that electric window doors can only be replaced by another electric window door.

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720 St's are a little more rare and don't come up as often.


I've had a few ST model 720s, and none of them ever had the power window. Itll be a little more difficult finding one, even more so finding one same color.  Who knows tho, you might luck out and find one next week.  Other people seem to have that luck, I don't haha.

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I had a couple electric window doors but I didn't want to put them on my truck, and I couldn't find a home for them when I moved so they are gone now :(


Nice truck. I like the ST steering wheel. If it's a daily driver, the first thing I'd replace is the seats. Mine were really bouncy and uncomfortable.

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Hey guys sorry it's been so long but I have a few questions for you. So I want to go for more of a pre runner type of deal but I don't know if that's a good idea. I would like your guys thoughts but also mine is not carburated I have that fuel rail thing. I have yet to do tune up yet but she runs fine but I seem to get bad gas mileage.:( also this is my DD so I can't do anything big. Oh and the only thing I don't like about the truck is I have no cup holders. Any suggestions?

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