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70-73 datsun 510 doors.

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Sorry I dont know how to post pictures. They are available upon request. This doors are for a sedan not a goon. Tbey have all the windows and molding handles window elevators on all four two have door panels. The doors do not consist of aany bondo and are rust free. Holla at your boy at 3239452543. Forgot to mention one door panel includes the ashtray. . Lucky u!

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Sedan-4door coupe-2door. This are 4door sedan.



Um, sorry, but no. 


In the US we got 2 door sedans and 4 door sedans and 4 door wagons.


Japan got the wonderful coupe.


Look at the 2 pics below. You can see the rear of the coupe slants much more the the 2 door sedan.




USDM 2 door Sedan




JDM 2 door Coupe



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Based on my knowledge a sedan is always a four door. And a coupe is a 2 door. Look up the word seda and coupe.



In most cars, that would be an accepted belief. 


But in the 510 community, a coupe is a JDM 2 door SSS coupe and the 2 door shipped to the USA and Canada is a 2 door sedan.


Datsun advertised the USA 2 door as a sedan.



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Just accept it that we call the RHD Japan Domestic Market coupe... a coupe. There are some of them around that were imported and this keeps them unique and differentiated from our, every day, run of the mill 2 door sedans.


Coupe may mean different things but when it comes to a 510 in America a Coupe.... is a right hand drive JDM 2 door that has been imported and was never sold here. It's just the way it is.

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