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411sss SU width?


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Can someone with a 411sss give me a measurement from the intake manifold gasket surface (at the head) to the far end of the air cleaner? I am considering something diabolical for mine, but it's in storage miles away. Thank you .




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It's not mine. Mine is in storage for the winter, on the car. What I need is from the head to the master cylinder. If you could do that for me it would save me an hour + of driving time. Thanks.

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From the side of the engine block to the outlet fitting on the brake master cylinder the distance is 7 and 1/2 inches but the critical dimension is 6 and 1/4 inches to the brake line that bolts into this fitting. I would not recommend trying to reroute 46 year old rigid brake lines. If you absolutely needed to intrude on this space, an original 310 1500 cc roadster brake master cylinder is a mirror to the RL411 and has the brake line fitting on the fender side. This would require a new brake line from the master cylinder to the brass "manifold" block on the firewall. Do-able but I would be too lazy to attempt this. This would give you 8 and 1/4 inch clearance to the body of the brake master cylinder.


These dimensions hold for the original RL411 master cylinder and the replacement [advertised as for the 1500 roadster but with outlet on "wrong side" which is exactly what RL411 needs] that Datsunparts.com sells.

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