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vancouver british columibia ratsun heads

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ummm what you into, if your nightlife, then vancouver is the way to go. scenic cruises are done more out towards the valley where i am (1 hour from vancouver) stanley park is nice to walk around and see the ocean (van). and whiterock is really nice to see the ocean and have great food and a bit of easy nightlife/drinking (30 from van). you can also watch nice cars cruise down the strip there. kinda a rolling car show. dont count on transit as it sucks the big one. you cant get anywhere fast or where you need to be. where you from anyway? and what days you here?

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Caffe Artigiano has the best coffee.


Some will disagree, but I thought Vera's Burgers were killer. Gotta love their slogan: You Can't Beat Vera's Meat!


Next to the Vera's on Davie St was some night hangout. Sorry, don't remember the name. At least there was a line to get in the night I was feasting. Plenty of eye candy...wink! wink! nudge! nudge! :D


The topless bus was a great way to see the entire town and get your bearings.

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thanks guys for all the suggestions, I'll make sure I keep my mouth shut as I know what they do to for- in- ners lol. I'll just say eh a lot.


I have been to BC but that was the mid 90's and have been looking forward to coming to visit again. I'm from antioch,california a little city east of san francisco.


BTW I have trying like mad to get in touch of a long time datsun 510 guy that last time I check he was either in white rock or burnaby, his name is Greg Terry and is part of the british columbia 510 chapter up there, if anyone know how to get in touch with him please give him my cell number, he would remember me as he has been trying to buy my sss bluebird for 11 years and he would be the only person I would consider sellnig it too but sadly its not for sale unless you write me a blank check heheh...




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