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Steroid in San diego...again !!!

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Yes thats right Mike's in town for a few days for a family visit & the 1st few days we'll be hanging out & getting into trouble [hopefully not]:D We spent all day yesterday running around & the better part of the afternoon under my 620 repairing a few things so i can drive it again...it's nice having the correct tools:cool: We plan on hitting up a few yards & running around the next few days & maybe gettinng his sons 620 running which would be kool. Heres a sample of what happens when Mike gets ahold of bowling balls & climbs up my stairs...:lol:

& watch out for those air damms!!!!!!!!!!!!


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you guys are havn way too much fun, whats next rope on a stick games. JK

its cool to see 2 datto guys kickn shit around when they have het tyme -- dont stop if it feels good and keepn u out of trouble w/ het law. lol :D

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Well another productive day yesterday. Mike got the plexiglass cut for the windows on "Choptana" / bought a new clutch slave & i bought a new rear wheel cylinder which we'll install today. And we wrenched on Cayton's 620 for 5 hours & got it running. It had sat for 5 years & it started on the 1st try! Ill have pics up later of that & the truck. This evening we plan on going to one of the weekly car shows in both 620's [hopefully]. Were having too much fun over here w/ more "antics" to come :lol:

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You guys try and stay out of trouble...but then it wouldn't be any fun:lol:. So cool to see you guys just Kicking back and Working on the dattos as well:)!

Would love too see some pictures of the car show tonight with both your trucks:)! You Guys have a great time! And keep the pictures coming!!!

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Hi Guys ! ! ! I'm having an awesome time in San Diego ! ! I'll be here 'til Sunday, so way more "antics" ahead ! ! Mark and I spent all day looking for a snapper repairman to no avail ! But did score some treasures at one junkyard. The El Cajon show was cool. I hadn;t been downtown in 30+ years. I used to cruise El Cajon in My Datsun SS in 1974 and 1975. One thing that didn't happen tonight was that the Bennie Finch Band concert was sold out!!! So here I am on Cayton's computer instead!! Maybe I will be able to check them out when My wife, Terie, arrives tomorrow. Well, that's all for My "virtual postcard" !!! Take care, Mike

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When Mark and I hook up, We usually find something interesting to do. After the Bar-B-Que on the 16th, We were cruising and pulled up next to a celebrity!!!!! He was driving a bright red corvette. I told Mark "QUICK, take a picture"!! And He did.........................................















































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