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What vehicle will YOU NOT DRIVE or own?

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I'm dumb like that. There are certain cars / manufacturers I absolutely refuse to drive...sometimes ride in.


My absolutely most hated manufacturer is Ford. If I rent a car and they give me a Ford, I request a change to anything else. If they don't have anything, I go elsewhere. Dumb. I have respect for what they have done, but I cannot bring myself to drive or own one of these. The GT40 and the 500 are pretty damn cool, but again, I'd pass.


If I had to choose between my 1987 4runner or a 2013 Mustang, 4Runner any day of week.


Another fail, the Aztec. Enough said.


Prius, again, enough said.


What will you not drive? Anything goes.

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I won't drive HHRs, PT cruisers, aztecs, Cubes, Souls, ect. and those silly Mini Cooper Roadsters. The one box car I make an exception on is the original xB, but that is because I'm a big guy with a child and that thing has a ton of room and reminds me of A/V vans for competitions :P


Other than that if its free I will drive it, but I would usually pass if anything 2000+ is gonna cost me money to get. I prefer ODB1 and older. Most hated manufacturer would have to be either Ford or lincoln, but I would honestly drive some of the old Ford's (mainly the 40-50s trucks).

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I'm not proud.  I'll drive anything with 4 or more wheels, really.  I won't drive motorcycles or mopeds.


I drove an AMC Hornet 4dr to school for 2 weeks.  I've owned a Chevy Citation AND a Corsica.  I intentionally bought both, to fix and drive.   I still own a Chevy.  And its my least favorite US mfg!.  But couldn't touch the price for a diesel 4X4 with anything else- and it's ex-military.


I've had Fords.  


I've never owned any foreign makes EXCEPT Datsuns though.  And never had a Dodge, though my Dad was a Dodge man and my Mom still has the last one he got (a rare 2wd 8cyl Durango).


While there's plenty of vehicles I'd never BUY, if someone gave me a running car, no strings attached, I'd drive it.  Even a Yugo.  Or a Chevette.  They're bad enough to be kitschy, and a running one is rare enough.  Hell, even a '87 Hyundai Excel, though I'd get rid of it before it died.  But I'd also get rid of any car too expensive to insure.  Drive for a week?  No problem.  But wouldn't keep.  Things like a McLaren, or a Bentley.  Sure, I'd drive one, but I could never keep one.


I valet parked cars a few times in the past, especially when I worked for a car rental outfit.  I usually got stuck with the crap because the middle-aged women accountants who had to do valet during the rush season couldn't drive stick, or crappy cars.  The cars I hated the worst were Volkswagens.  Completely nonsensical controls, particularly the shifter.  But given the choice between walking across the Sahara and driving a VW, I'd take the VW.

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Ditto on the Fords


Especially any 80s-90's Ford Taurus, Aerostar or F150. Actually most Ford's after the mid 70's really. I loved my old '72 mustang but anything newer from Ford always hurts my back (or just plain sucks). I drove a damn 2005 or so F150 for work for 3 hours one day and spent the next 2 days in horrible back pain... and I don't have back problems.


Also any original (stock) VW beetle. I like the bugs and will (and have)ridden in and owned them, but driving one is physically uncomfortable for me without mods to the footpedals.

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I never say never.  When I buy a car, I view it as an investment.  I'll own anything I think i can make money on.  My unofficial policy is that I don't work on VWs.  What's the last car I bought?  A Vanagon.  It's currently for sale and I will probably triple my money.  Guess I'm just a whore.

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for me its not really about makes but for the most part anything domestic made after 1990 but there are a few exceptions in there people rag on hondas but in terms or reliability and gas mileage there good cars 


im a car guy i like most cars and all have there place i usually just dont like the idiots that destroy them 

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