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HELP '62 Bluebird 312 WHEEL Cylinders


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Anyone recognize these?  These are the front wheel cylinders off my 62 Bluebird wagon.  The rears look to be identical to 510 rear wheel cylinders, but these fronts are a mystery.  They're 5/8 diameter, held on with a stud/nut and the OD of the boss that the long banjo bolt (with bleeder in the end) screws into.  If I can get them apart, maybe I can salvage them with some generic 5/8" seals.   









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MM beat me to it!!


Those look like 520-521 13/16in front wheel cylinders........early 620 units are 3/4in but look identical as well.   :)

Rock auto pic



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In the interest of trying to get hings here by this weekend, I went ahead and ordered:


2 620 front wheel cylinders and hoses (hopefully the connection to the hard line is the same)

2 510 rear wheel cylinders

1 620 rear hose (looked right, it was $3...whatever)

1 520 slave cylinder

1 620 (again, looked right, it was $9) clutch master cylinder


All that, shipped, for $67.  I'm used to buying airplane parts...this is great!


The diameter on the front wheel cylinder is 3/4, mine are 5/8.  This basically means I'll have too much front brake and maybe a softer pedal, I can probably live with it, if not, I can add a proportioning valve, but I suspect it won't be an issue (considering the "speed" I'll be operating at).

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The rear cylinders were money, but the fronts were fail.  The boss, the stud and the spacing between the two was bigger on the 610 truck parts than on mine, even thought they look almost identical.  Any idea if the 521 stuff is different that the 620 stuff?


Clutch master fits perfect.

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I can't find 410/411 cylinders anywhere....which leads me to believe they might be the same  :)


I got autozone to order me some 521 wheel cylinders; that way they're easy to return, and there's no shipping costs if they're the same as the 620's.


I'd probably make new backing plates that would fit the 620 cylinders before I modified mine.  I need to see if there's other differences (length, width, etc) that would make the 620's not work if I tried that route.


The best option would probably be to find a set of Roadster, 411, 510 or similar spindles, rotors, calipers, etc....I bet it's a bolt on.  If I get that desperate, I might ask someone to take measurements for me.

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