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Peanut head, scrap or not?


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I have a A87 "peanut" head that came off a L-18.  A project truck, started by somebody else.


Engine had low compression #2.  Some leakage into #3.  Bottom of the head was machined, the top was not.   The edge of #2 exhaust valve was slightly bent.


Rear of the head measures 4.206/4.208 by back head bolts.

Front of the head measures 4.211/4.202 by front head bolts.

Center of head measures 4.227/4.221 by center two head bolts.

My understanding is the heads are around 4.248 stock.

Yes, the camshaft was binding, until the cam towers were loosened up.


Can this head be salvaged?  I probably will need the "head saver shims", if they are still available.


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