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Idle stays the same when shifting?


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I played with the linkages for the carb today. (stock carb) and it didnt help. so im in need of assistance. 

The idle was a decent bit lower when i first got the truck. i THINK it may just be that it hadnt been DD in a WHILE. But its like inbetween a cold idle, and a warm idle. 

AND when im shifting, when i clutch in, the rpms stay at the RPM i clutched in to shift at for a few seconds or until i engage the clutch. which makes for a bumpy clutch engaging... any ideas? im a COMPLETE newb to carbs.. my last 5 rigs have been MPFI... :/

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Dash pot? lol. it may be that its normal. but i dont remember it doing this when i first got it.. im pretty sure it needs tuned as well. and i dont know how to do that. it just seems that when i let go of the throttle for a shift, the idle should go down. not stay the same for 3 or so seconds. 

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"A carburetor dashpot prevents the engine from decelerating too quickly. It is composed of a cylinder, spring and a shaft that is attached to the throttle. When a driver depresses the gas pedal, the spring applies pressure to the shaft, causing it to close the throttle lever slowly. This movement allows the vehicle to return to idle smoothly and prevents the emission of high levels of carbon monoxide. Without the dashpot, the throttle lever would close abruptly, possibly causing the engine to stall due to an abrupt decrease in speed.

Read more: What Is a Carburetor Dashpot? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/facts_6918312_carburetor-dashpot_.html#ixzz2LJnaf6v9"


Just thinking that that may somehow be related, it may not. I literally know very little about dash pot's I just know what they do and what to call them  :rofl:


Maybe it's sticking? Or maybe it's something else.

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Well i plan on getting a weber. But ill have to wait a while for that. I wonder where the dashpot is... haha. It could be sticking a lot more than its supposed to be. cuz im pretty sure it didnt do that before. plus the idle is raised. so something has to be uup.

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dash pot was already gone. throttle linkages were just a bit crusty/tight. so i played around with the with the air cleaner off and got it to go down. then dropped the idle some more. :) it has a nice burble at idle now. hahahha. sprayed the linkages with liquid wrench as well. truck seems to be a bit more fast now too? or maybe its just cause i was WOT into third... idk yet. lolol  :frantics:  :lol:

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well the problem still arises for a few when im on the gas cruising. while cruising if i push the clutch in it hesistates for like maybe a second. and then drops. something is still sticking. ill have to take it apart tomorrow and screw with it some more :( 

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