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720 won't start..


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I just got an 84 720 and it was starting just fine for the first two weeks that i had the truck and now when i turn the key all i hear is a very quiet click. I know there is plenty of power coming from the battery. I tried tapping the starter solenoid but no luck there. Could the starter be fried? I also have a stock carb and there is a small leak when she is turned off, the fuel is coming out right underneath the plate that faces you as if you were standing in front of the car looking into the engine bay. I made sure all the screws holding the plate on were tight but she still leaks. Not sure what that could be either. Anything helps.. Thanks!

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You can try pulling the plugs and cranking it over. If gas or anything sloshes out, your cylinders are filling and hydro locking. If it still won't crank, or barely does, its your starter. If hydrolocked, you have to stop the fuel or what it is from leaking, overfilling the carb, or whatever is going on.

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All the connections are good. Havent done a bench test on it yet but i was thinking that this relay that clicks when i turn the key might be the issue. There is no other sounds from the starter or anything else when i turn the key. Only from this relay. Its right by the fuse box and its the black one. Its not hyrdo locked cause it wont even do a single thing with the spark plugs out either.




Could that relay possibly be bad?

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Its probably just your starter. when my starter was going out It would do a click and id shut it off and try it again and it would turn over a little. pretty much acted like the battery was dead. I think its like 50 dollars at orielys but you can get a life time warranty on it.

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