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hay look some one is crazy

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its got some rust the rear fender wells are sawzall'd out. one of the pistons looks like it was shot with the shot gun i think it was number 2 and i think 3 was pitted bad. but not as bad! when james aka ladevil had it on this forum he kept driveing it with timing to adv and it kept back firing and eventually it dropped a valve so i helped him putt a w58 head i had laying in my garage on it (yuck) and in less this guy replaced the clutch there is nothing performance about it. and i know for a fact that that truck was jumped at least once i have the bent rims to prove it lol. the fenders are a bit banged up and the hood 2 if i remember right. here is the build thread when bluemeanie had the truck but remember when he traded james for the king cab the engine was removed and the l20 fom the king cab was put in its place http://forum.ratsun.net/showthread.php?t=1676&page=4

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