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Rebirth : 1970 2 Door Sedan


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  Last year I was perusing ads on-line for classic cars. I was fond of the older 1950's shoe box Fords, but they're hard to come by and always need lots of work when you do find one that's affordable. I started to look to the 60's cars. I really liked the 1963 Ford Falcon. Even saw an ad for one in the mid-west for a reasonable price but my practicality got the better of me and I talked myself out of it. One thing that all the classic cars I was interested in had going against them was size and displacement. Gas prices being what they are these days and the fact I live in a small town house kind of cancel out any plans for a V8 powered behemoth. That's when I stumbled across Datsuns. I fell immediately for the 510 in particular. I started a search in earnest for a decent one for sale. I found an ad on Ebay for one in Florida. It didn't look pretty but the seller was advertising it as a runner. I figure I'll buy it and have it shipped to me and just drive it as I fix it up. Then my practicality started to dampened my enthusiasm. I was endanger of being coerced by my conscience again.


   Then, one day I walked into the studio I worked at and had a note attached to my computer screen. The producer wanted to talk to me. Uh oh, I thought I was gonna get ear full about something I did or didn't do. Instead it was to inform me that my friend and co-worker, who sat right next to me, had died that very night. needles to say it was un-nerving and causes one to reflect on life. I decided that I'd been on the sidelines of the classic car world for long enough and told my wife," I'm gonna do something I'll probably regret." She didn't like the sound of that or the idea of buying the car. I did it any way. It was a sorted ordeal to get it shipped and a huge PIA, but in August of last year I became the owner of a very beat-up looking yellow 1970 Datsun 510 two door sedan. It was quit the sight. My wife was embarrassed to see it pull up by the house as I rushed home from work to be there when they unloaded the car off the trailer. The first hint of something off was when the guy rolled the car off without starting it. He said it wouldn't run. We managed to jump start it off my car battery and I pulled it into the driveway. I turned the engine off and that's where it would sit for a few weeks while I tried to wrap my head around what was up. the driver had told me the battery was most likely dead. I bought a new battery because the one that came with it was toast. Hooked up the new battery and nothing. after scouring through the mess of wires the PO had left, it became apparent that it had major wiring issues. I hate electrical issues! It could be anything or everything, you never know.


     That's when I decided I'd find a place to not only fix the wiring but fix the body and paint as well. A restoration shop would be  a good place to look for. I found three likely candidates in and around my area. I settled on a place that had glowing reviews and a prestigious list of past restorations. They picked the car up and started the electrical work in order to do an evaluation of the car and it's flaws. I went there at their request to see the car and get the run down on what needs to be done. To my surprise it was all cosmetic. The floors were solid, the trunk was fine , the engine compartment was relatively rust free and best of all it ran. The electrical had been sorted and the house wiring, and bad patches of the PO were taken out. So after a few emails back and forth it was decided that the body work and paint would be done as well as possibly some of the trim and mechanical bits. It's been a little longer than 6 months and the car has had the body redone, taken to metal and fixed like the day it left the factory or better. It's painted a deep dark red colour as well and slowly the shiny bits and glass are being put back on. My story has no real ending yet, only a beginning. What I would like to find out is the history of the car I purchased. Maybe some one in the Ratsun community can help me out.

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Here's the original write up for the Ebay ad...........



Awesome, SWEET! 5 and Dime! Love her, but with extended unemployment cannot keep her. (Damn!) The engine is straight from Japan, and it was rebuilt by one of the best, Bill Eserine! This is stage 1 motor with oversized Corvette stainless valves, runners were matched ported to the intake manifold. The SU/Hitachi Carburetors are the domed top 38mm that you purchased through the Nissan competition catalog. Radiator is a Nissan truck 3 row unit. Transmission is a 1977 Nissan 200SX 5 speed. She was once a automatic but I converted it to its current format for racing. The suspension is still original OEM configuration. Replaced parts, Both Half Shafts, One U Joint, Electronic Distributor and Coil, Rear brakes, Front Brakes, Dome Light, Hugh Beam switch, Hoses. Interior is partially stripped out for racing but was redone in 1993. Needs some work again. Originally green color has been repainted yellow (Maaco auto body) BODY - In pretty good shape, hardly any rust, has right rear quarter panel damage. Can be repaired without replacing. Right front corner (grill, hood, bumper) slight damage from light contact with a deer! 2 owners only before me. Very drivable for around town with great gas mileage. Drove from California to Florida in 2008 without a hitch! Been at Sebring! Titled in Florida, registration has lapsed due to funds. Great car, lots of work and TLC put into her. Buyer pays for shipping.










  I've included some of the pictures from the original ad. It was purchased by the PO from some one in California. If any one recognizes the car, please let me know. If you are a previous owner of this car please PM me. Thank you.

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Well, in the not too distant future all the rubber seals, or at least the ones you can still get, will be replaced. The shop will cover that, I think. For sure I'll need to replace the rubber bushings all around for the suspension. I'll most likely be doing that myself. I'll clean and rewire the window wiper motor and the pump for the washer fluid. I'll be replacing the TC rods with beefier units because the replacement polyurethane bushings, I've read, can cause the stock TC rods to break. Something about not allowing them to flex at the bushings, which puts too much stress on the rod. I'm not sure if that's true or not but I don't want to find out the hard way.


 I'll be redoing the entire interior as well. Door panels, carpet, steering wheel, arm rests, rear seat in leather, Recaro seats out of a late 80's BMW, new head liner, custom shift boot and various other upgrades/ redos. Eventually it will get Willwood brakes all around and coil overs. I'm leaving the L16 engine for now. Probably will have the exhaust re-done and eventually maybe rewire the car. We'll see. My inspiration is an RC car...hahahaha. Believe it or not.



 Only, no plans on fender flares. I haven't seen many cars pull them off in a way that would make me go " Yeah!". I'm sure a few other things will be done a long the way. Plans change and what not.

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