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My new to me 1984 (4/84) Nissan 720! Pic heavy! (we like pics right?!)


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Just picked this up last night. Napz24 carbureted 5speed. with a dual outlet flowmaster that dumps straight out of the muffler just before the rear axle....  :w00t: LOUD AF! Getting that fixed soon. Came with a sunpro protach-II(?) which i have to figure out how to install... four wires?  and a bunch of junk! lol. Lowered by torsions in the front. I AM NOT new to nissan. Have had 4 pathfinders prior. :)






It has these tires on it now down there VVV two rears were bad. :( one was peeling away from the wires. (the cap?) 


During the tire change:




Edit because i forgot to add that i got ALL the original dealership paper work for this beauty. am/fm user guide, window stickers, etc. :) all the goodies that one loves to find in an old rig. plus it got painted by maaco (blech!) about 10 years ago. 

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Dude! Im coming to vantucky tomorrow anyway! lol. i wanna come? send me an address? hahaha. id be interested in seeing others. 

Plans... different wheels so i can drop the rear, find seats that swap in, black interior swap (has a poop brown int now), drop the rear 2-4 inches, paint the cap. then touch up. maybe a carb'd vg30 in the future with a pathfinder LSD rear end swap. 

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It's simple, could probably install it in under 30 minutes.


First things first, remove the cluster. Open it up and it bolts right in. Then you pop the hood and install the resistor (which I have) and thats it.


all the plugs are already in the harness, just not plugged in. No mods needed.

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That would be cool. Skulptr (who i know from pathfinder) has one over in spokane. so whoever can get me a decent price for a tach can take my money! ;) lol

That sounds like a really simple in stall. 


yes i would sell my wheels. THOUGH, i need some other wheels in place of them... so maybe part trade? i need some that stick in further so i can drop the rear end! :) 

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Okay, so it developed a problem on the way to the meet today. Engine kind of has a tick (never was noticeable before) and the idle has kicked up. so now when i clutch to shift, the idle stays at the rpm i clutched in for a good few seconds, or until i engaged the clutch. almost like its stuck in a cold idle? it heats up to half way on the gauge. Im stumped. :( 

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Hmmm so i was thinking about it, could the throttle plate/butterfly(?) be getting gummy and causing it to keep the same throttle when clutching? still doesnt explain the overall high idle. If i need to post this somewhere else let me know. Im new to carburated engines...  :confused:

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