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hey new member just bought a 66 411


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hi i have loved datsun since i was young but all i have ever owned was 521 pickups and at one point i think i had 7 of them lol but i just got this 411 and im loving it i think im going to keep it kinda org looking but give it kinda a race flare not sure tho sorry i don't have any pics up yet not sure how to get them on here

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Ya i already have a line on some nice steel rims for it. It is pretty much complete the guy i got it from had owned it for 32 years but it had been sitting outside for 12 of those years used as a get around rig on there farm. Kinda thinking of doing a restore on it

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 I am really diggin the Unicorn sticker, I can feel its aura. I love the 411's they have such cool lines and can look fantastic in the stock trim with just a little drop. They always make the 510 boys cry for one whenever they see them. Nice score and use the money you get from selling those wheels to do it right. Rebuild the carb and put an air filter on it ASAP.

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Hey do any of you guys know were to find a rebuild for the carb it is a single Hitachi at least the marking on the side if the carb makes me think it is a Hitachi carb i can find rebuild for the dual carbs and the nikki i think it is called. Carb but not for the Hitachi

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