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Muffler options?


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Okay guys, I got my truck to where it will start now with starting fluid until I have the money to get a remaned carburetor. But I noticed it doesn't have a muffler. Didn't really look considering it's not very loud, But I need one to pass emissions. Anything that would give this thing a nice sound while still keeping the cat on it? and good size for the piping? 

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Flowmasters are possibly the worst muffler on the planet.Magna flow or Walker turbo-and get the biggest one that will fit.

Yeah, I'll see what I can find. This muffler place can replace it all for $120.00 but that's with probably just a stock Nissan muffler.

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Well 720 is done. The valve cover blew. I don't really know how or why but it did. Has like a credit card size slash in the top of the front of it. Luckily I have a friend who may be able to fix it. I hope. I was driving it home from work and it just blew. 

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That's what I figured. Trouble is the chains don't break. This is the first I've ever heard of.


Now the problem is why? What could have happened to cause this? Can't imagine anything that would stress the chain enough to snap it. Simply put, the Z series just isn't up to it. :w00t: Which leaves damage. Maybe the chain guide was worn out and rubbed it.



Now for the aftermath. When the chain breaks, the cam stops. If intakes are open the piston comes up and they will hit. The chain tensioner will pop out and without the chain may get ground up. The chain itself is also laying in there.

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