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Pros N Cons (stretched tires)

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Uh.. you want an opinion?

While your at it get some alteza lights, murder it out, make it hella flush, then stretch away... that way a few years from now you can look back and say I've successfully followed every horrible trend year to date.

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i have and i get the same damn thing every time



Which is what, exactly?  You are going to find opinions.  "Empirical Evidence" of folks that have never had a problem, like above.  Well, yes, and I know folks that managed to drive 50 miles on the freeway with no brakes and didn't get in an accident either.  Doesn't mean it's safe.


My opinion is that "stretched" tires look stupid.  There are no "pros" in my opinion.  I also believe them to be unsafe, but I have no solid evidence to support that since I've never run them, so I haven't seen one fail.   There IS no "test data" because tire manufacturers don't test their tires for incorrect mounting, and stretched tires are NOT mounted correctly.    The beads don't seat correctly, and the risk of de-beading a tire in a hard corner in increased.


Not to mention how much easier it's gonna be to curb rash the wheels, since you have no protruding sidewall.  Even the best drivers occasionally catch a curb when parking.

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Since everyone wants to be an idiot Ill help a bit... 


How far are you trying to go? Obviously you can the crazy route and stretch way too much. Eventually you can get too weird and it will be unsafe, but from the few sites Ive been on where its trendy there are few reports of severe issues with the stretch. I havent ever seen a post/thread where the cause of a blowout or crash has been due to stretch. 


The only real pro for your instance would be to fit a wider rim with a lower stance. You can also do it if you cant get a tire in the size you want/need... 


As long as youre not a complete idiot about it, there are no real "cons."

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notice the words honda and scion floating about...



Have you noticed Drift cars using them even in competitions?!! that includes the NISSAN 240sx 

The pros would be that you tried something others r afraid to do, or r  too "good" to try on ther Datto and to my opinion it sounds

like they r actually just following the "trend" of honduhs r doing it so i dont wanna do it..blah blah blah blah blah! i say screw it n

go for it n show how much more sexy it looks on your 620 than those honduhs :fu: 

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So many bullshit opinions surfacing.



This is a no-bueno stretch. Only reason i did it was because I already had the tires, and didn't feel like buying more at the time. Just too tall, and too much stretch to me. 205's on a 10 is really pushing the limit. I don't mind the 205/50's on the front, since it's not as obvious. I will be ordering 220/50's for my rear in a few weeks.



_DSC0118 by metalmonkey47, on Flickr

_DSC0074 by metalmonkey47, on Flickr
I think 90% of the time, good fitting tires will look/perform better, but it all depends on what you're going for. What size rims do you want to stretch tires on? 
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Chad's 400+hp SR20 620 has a very slight stretch all the way around, and has de-beaded one tire. ONCE. From my knowledge, it has never happened to him other then that, and that's racing at AMP (not drifting)


Right rear



I'd say that if he can race/drift the shit out of his truck for 3 years, and only loose a tire once on the track severely abusing it at 70+ MPH, it's probably not gonna be a big deal on yours. Fact is, it can be dangerous but the likely hood you will ever have an issue is so low that it's just stupid. I know hundreds of people who daily drive on stretched tires, most just to clear flares/fenders and that's the only one I've seen de-bead. 






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