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Weber carb air cleaner.


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FWIW,  yet another supplier of those little rectangular chromed boxes for the 32/36 DCAG/DCEG  is Borg Warner of Australia, selling them here under the name Warneford. They don't put any I.D. on their little chromed stampings, so you without the box it came in you won't know if it's one of theirs.  I assume it's like many similar ones in having the baseplate screw down on the Weber flange, while those clips hold the rest of it together.

My 2 cents, those simple filters are okay for when you are in the process of adapting a Weber to a Datsun or whatever, but that ultimately none of those open filters is nearly as good as a closed factory type air cleaner rigged to draw heated air during warm-up and outside air once warmed  up.  And you can get a K&N filter element, the best there is, and cleanable.  Recently Fram has brought out their copy of a K&N, so that might be as good.  I like the adaptions of stock Datsun air cleaners that I see in the photos here.  I did that for another car ('86 Dodge Colt Vista), and it's always interesting to see how other guys do things.

I'm in the process of making an adapter to put a Weber on a Z-22.  Would've been done before now but I managed to screw part of it up on the first attempt;  was making the two-part adapter out of phenolic, and stupidly drilled out the mounting holes too big to thread for studs. Well, I wasn't fully sold on this anyway, so I'm re-making this part (upper half of the adapter) from aluminum.  In any case, the height of the Weber, base to flange, luckily is a good bit lower than the same dimension for the original Hitachi, so there is s bit of space for us to make adapters that don't put the Weber way up in the air.  Down the road, if I have nothing better to do, I think I can fabricate a somewhat better intake manifold than the factory Z-22 manifold,  but of course once you have a particular set-up working, you tend to forget about it and go on to other projects  .  .  .  okay, YOU don't, but I do.

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