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Datsun 210 fiberglass JDM bumpers, with lights!

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Bought these from Pit Road in Japan, costs about $450 with shipping. Asking $250 shipped anywhere in the US.


These will fit any year and model of 210 (NOT B210), be it a 2dr coupe, 2dr sedan, 4dr sedan, or (I'm 99.9% sure they will also fit) a wagon.  :thumbup:





Also new lights for the front bumper, cost $55 shipped to me, asking $30 shipped (or $25 if you buy the bumpers too)








Disclaimer! I had a friend buy these bumpers for me in Japan and he very carefully cut them in half right down the center with a fine toothed razor saw to save on shipping (shipping costs triple the price for them if in one piece). They will be very easy to re-attach, assuming you have at least some experience with fiberglass.  



Looks like this on the car:




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whatca gotta do for bumper brackets with those? very interested trying to dig up the funds now.



On my B210 I simply bought some 1" wide flat "strap" steel, some stainless bumper bolts, and made my own. Took about an hour for the rear brackets and maybe 20 minutes for the front. If you have access to a bench vise, a drill, and a hacksaw it's amazingly easy. And these things are so light weight, the brackets don't need to be beefy at all.  :thumbup: 

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