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Clicking, pinging noise in valve cover L18


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I was driving my truck last night. Turn onto the highway and start to accelerate. Shortly after I shift to 4th gear I start to hear this louad clicking noise. I turned off the motor and pulled of the road asap. Checked everything out on the outside of the engine and it seems fine. Started it to see wherw the noise was coming from and it seems to be coming from the front of the valve cover area behinde the timing chain. There is a consitent clicking noise that gets more frequent when give it gas. Also there is some other non-consistent pinging going on that sounds seperante from the clicking noise. Looked through the oil fill hole and couldn't see anything out of place or metal shavings. Was able to drive it a short distance back to a friends house for now. Going to pull the valve cover and cheak it out. If anone has any ideas or input that would be great. It is a 1974 620 with an L18. The motor is stock as far as I know except for a newer fuel pump that is a brass color

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A large screwdriver or pry can be slipped under the cam (but not on a lobe) to pry down on the valve spring to loosen the rocker enough to slip the lash pad back in. If this is the case it may have been too loose so this won't fix it and will still need adjusting.0.010" on intake and 0.012" exhaust on a hot motor.

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go on line or watch Hainz (Banzai) video on You Tube on how to adjust Datsun L series valves. Maybe go on this site and look under How to..good luck.  You can also adjust cold at .008 (intake)and .010 (exhaust).  Either way keep us informed...good luck. oh yeh, post some pics b4 starting.

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Thanks for all the help and info. Will be going over to a fellow ratsun fan and friend and pull the valve cover after I get out of work. I'll try to post some pics but idk if I will be able to from my phone. I'll keep you guys updated and try to get other pics of my truck up on ratsun( been slackin on that )

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Couldn't find anywhere that has a valve cove gasket in stock. I need to be able to drive my truck tomarrow to get to work. Was wondering if anyone knows of a place in Eugene, OR that might have one in stock. Already called Orileys, autzone, kinects, ESP, Brooks, and lithia nissan. Also if it comes down to it how much oil will leak out if I used the old gasket for a day or would that just not at all be a good choice? Would only be doing about 30 miles on it.

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Removed my valve cover and the exaust and intake valve leash were off on the #1 cylinder. Removed the spark plug from that cylinder and it was getting tight and loose then back to tight then loose. Once we got the spark plug out it was all kind of mest up. Electrode was bent all the way to the side and the piece of metal that bends over it ( foget the name ) was bent almost straight up. Threads have a decent amount of shavings around it and the top of the piston looks damaged too. : (

Would upload some pics but idk if I can from my phone. I know these would really help

Any input on this is greatly apreciated


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