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Misinformation, look here to get the 411


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This car is BEAST! love how everything is comin together so clean.


Maybe i missed this but what is your plans for paint on this rig???


Satin clear coat over the existing patina!



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I love how that all fits under the rear cargo deck!!!

Thanks Mike. That was my goal from the start. I must say that it came together better that I thought it would! It looks even better in person!


I should have flares TODAY! :hyper:


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I can't resist checking this thread, every time it gets bumped. This is such an inspiring build. Looking forward to seeing what's next!



I agree, and when I dont have a chance to check the thread, but see a bunch of notifications in my email I get super giddy, especially if it says "bob3 has replied to misinformation" :D

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Oh shit, I wish I hadn't looked at this thread!


My goon is going into the shed in a couple of weeks so I can start on the independent rear end conversion and half roll cage build.


I now have a heap of other modification ideas thanks to Bob.


BTW, very nice work!

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From the "common sense" world, I'd say that's definitely misinformation.  What does the vendor say about sizing?  I did a quick peek at Bushwacker (because they're huge), and didn't see anything on HOW TO size your flares.  Maybe (???) you're supposed to order width + nn units for a given actual width.  The "common sense" in me would have thought a 3.5" flare would cover up to 3.5" of exposed tire.  I dunno... but you definitely need bigger than what you got with the wheel/tire combo you're running.



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:(  :crying: I guess the project gods think this kind of project is supposed to take longer than your timeline, and they have decided you are not getting your flairs without a lot of stress and effort, can the flair people overnite the proper size? Do they have the proper size?

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I spoke to Dave at Futofab today. I told him that there is a need for a quality company to build a good quality flare. He agrees and said he will look into it!

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