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Tomei Expreme Turbo manifold fit?

Wicked Saint

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Hey guys, I am in early tear down of my old engine where I am using a top mount T25 and I had originaly planned to convert to rack and pinion and use a bottom mount T28. I have seen several different manifolds that allow for bottom mount without interfering with the steering box these are usualy log manifolds or forward mounted turbo. Before I commit to the expense of rack and pinion sicne welding and geometry are not my thing. Has anybody here actualy tried using a T28 on a one of these manifold and does it work?

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I would in no way attempt to do this myself. I am a firm believer in "if you don't know how to do it pay somebody who does since it will be cheaper in the long run" philosphy. Hence the expense.   It's a S13 SR20DET I got the original engine from a friend who decided to put a LS1 in his 510. Not sure the brand of the existing manifold but it looked to be T3 manifold with an adapter to fit the stock T25 with an external wastegate and the flapper rod fixed closed. I had a new engine built that I will be attaching a GT2871r to and a HKS actuator. Like I said I bought the Tomei manifold with conversion in mind and I was just hoping somebody else had tried this setup and could confirm fit before I open the box. If I had not bought the manifold over a year ago I would just return it for a top mount.

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