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Possible 510 Setup?


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i found this on partsgeek.com


they are 100.25 free shipping monroe struts with

built in spring and spring mounts, comes with all

the rubber and nuts for mounting.


the problem is they say they are for station wagons

but i think this is the solution for 510 sedan/2dr 

rear coilovers that are prebuilt! idk the whole 

overall length on the setup but if you are looking 

for a lowering setup you should be able to cut the

spring a little or even go to amazon.com and search

godspeed civic lowering springs and buy a set of

sleeves and use the springs for an insane drop

while already having the spring mounts!


has anyone ever bought these before seen them?

any input on this monroe setup?

i may email partsgeek and see if they can give me

an overall length of the combo


i have a make shift ghetto setup right now that works

great on my car, if i am feeling giddy i might order

these and see how it may work out for future info 

and guidance for a new diy coilover setup

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Those are more like add a leafs. Designed for carrying heavier loads, they have progressive rate springs.


I dont think these are up to the task, probably not a large enough spring rate.


Just build yourself some coilovers and be done with it.

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i think these are the ones that came with my 510. it had these and still and the stock springs in. Dont expect to go much low with these. i took out the stock springs and put ebay "coilover springs" slammed the car and blew the shocks. Now i have some Qa1 coilovers $500, cheaper that troy ermich and techno toy tunning coilovers, and they ride amazing with 300lb springs.

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i already built some rear coilovers but i was just wondering

if these would work, guess not haha my coilovers are hands

down the cheapest ratsun setup, 35 dollar amazon springs,

stock replacement struts, and gate latches lol 


may be a little ghetto but the ride is actually pretty

nice, i was just wondering if those would work

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