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Four door dimes


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he said it needed to be wired still? I can help out with that if you want, I'm in slo too and I'm always game to work on something other than my own cars lol


I'll be working on it this summer since I'm only a freshman, then I'll be bringing it back to slo. Thanks for the offer though.


Engine bay pics?


I didn't get a chance to take any bay pics before we loaded it up and it was taken up to OR.  

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Why no carby?


I've had both carbs and fi on my 240 and I really like how turn-key it is with fi, no fiddling with choke and tuning, etc.  And the 200sx mani only because supposedly the z31 mani won't fit under the hood.  If the stock fits I'll use it since supposedly the 200sx mani is junk, only good for space savings.  I also need to rebuild the carb.

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Nice VG dime!  Looks really clean.


You're right about the Z31 manifold not fitting in the car, but it's because the manifold itself is so long that it hits the firewall.  The Pathfinder manifold is the one that sits up too high and contacts the hood unless the lower part of the manifold is machined down.  200SX manifold is the way to go if you don't want to have to do any parts machining or notching of the firewall.  


Keep up the progress!

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Yeah, I've always heard/read that as well.  The only better options are an early Maxima intake (which positions the throttle body at the front of the motor- not really convenient for 510s) or a custom gutted intake plenum.  Pathfinder seems to be the best option if you're looking for increased hp/tq numbers.

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Only able to tinker on it until I get it home.


Playing with the idea of 17soyR7qQx.jpg






Then back to working










Found out the brakes were missing both front and back. Fronts were an easy fix since I had the parts but looks like i'll shoot for a disc conversion in the rear.




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