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Any way to tell 4 or 5 spd by VIN?

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It's been 2 years since I pulled the stock drivetrain from 620 for the KA swap. I only drove the truck once before I pulled it, and can't for the life of me remember if it was a 4 speed manual or 5 speed manual.

Is there any way to tell by the VIN what it had? I've got a guy interested if it's a 5 speed, but it's buried in the storage shed

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The 5 speed was only an option beginning for the '77 model year. There was nothing to indicate if it was installed or not except by looking at the transmission. If you had a '74 it would have been the first year the 71B 4 speed was used. Course after all these years someone may have swapped a 5 speed in, you never know.


Do you remember what your transmission looked like? Did it have a small rectangular cover plate on the top of the tailstock? Just forward of the shifter, with 6 bolts holding it on and a small plastic breather on it? If so this is a 4 speed, the 5 speeds did not have this.



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