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Testing pic posting

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This link is worthless for a photobucket account, it should be deleted, all it will do now is confuse members.



I agree. It needs to be re-done. Like it or not, the "new" photobucket is here to stay.

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It wasnt the leader prior anyway, your really hating on the update lol. Flickr is number one with over 90million users. Photobucket is 2nd at 75million, oddly though PB is number one in user ratings lmao, whats that say? PB isnt going anywhere any time soon, peoples issues are already being altered in the new format. Them caring about user feed back is one of the reasons they have been around for so long. It's also one of the reasons they are constantly evolving. 

I agree though it needs to be re-written, been dif now for a while, even pre new format.  

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The article I read said that photobucket had far more users than anyone else by half as much again, but now I don't recall where I read that, but in the end, it doesn't really matter, it's lame now, and it will likely never be what it was, I have opened a new acct. elsewhere, and from the support that they are giving there customers, I can't see them being a force in the photo hosting industry anymore, their customers are not happy, and they removed the feedback thread they had, they just removed it, but it was like there FAQ thread anyway, nothing positive, but there is nothing else to say, it's just lame.

It would be interesting to see/know just how many accounts they are losing a month/day/hour, take bets on what day/hour/minute a million accounts are lost.  :lol:

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Think your just really jaded over the whole thing, which is fine, not raggin on ya. You realize its changed before though right? Maybe before you were using it. People had issues with it, some hated it, they still stayed a top leader in the market for years to come and continued t make changes along the way. 

I remember the last time this forum changed a few people hated it and blah blah, they are still here posting lol. Most people dont like change, most get over it though in time. I have been using the new PB without a change in stride, honestly dont see what the fuss is about. Yes it changed, yes new things have to be learned, yes they will need to make changes, big whoop...  

Been signed up to like 5 hosting sites for years too because some are better at different things. Most people are signed up to multiples these days. They all change periodically, w/e your on now will too at some point. 

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Honestly for people who just want a site to host pics without any advertisements and is easy to use www.imgur.com is the place to go.


Super simple to use and it never changes a picture link after uploading so you never get what is seen in the first post of this thread.

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