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Two questions (710 Wagon)


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Good day!


As the title states, I have a couple of questions.  First, is there anyone making rockers for the 710 wagon?  I have spent some time looking and can't find any sources.  if there is not anyone doing this, has anyone built their own?  If so, do you have any pictures of them before and after they were installed?


Secondly, have any of you seen or do you have pictures of a 710 wagon painted two-tone using those crazy, swoopy upper and lower body lines?  I am considering this but would like to see what it actually looks like before I go down that road.  I have looked but I haven't been able to find any decent ones.


Thanks in advance,

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Thanks for looking for a picture of a ywo tone wagon.


I kind if figured that no one mass produced those rockers, it was a shot in the dark. I can make my own, I was just hoping to get a look at what has already been made to give me an idea.

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Yes, there is enough to make the profile. It shouldn't be a major problem to recreate the profile although it might be a bit of a challenge make the rounded shape of the rocker over the full length of the repair. I could always make the profile of the rocker replacment more angular than the original.

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Sorry I can't link with this device, but eagleadam sold or traded a wagon to Datsun dan he has a thread I believe there's a link to the old pics. Looked cool actually. Black top, red from the body line down to the lower line, then black again

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Sadly so. The dash is in Idaho. E brake parts, rad, in PDX, throttle parts in NY city, I kept the complete steering and front suspension, rad support, engine (drove home from Vancouver) differential H-165, leaf springs, the S110 factory mags that were on it, dash, wiper motor, MC, front windshield, driveshaft, auto transmission, 4 doors all side glass and tailgate. Thank-you Jason W.

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