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SO Who are the best forum drivers and cars?


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SMACKDOWN 2 is coming!!!



NWAA Smackdown Challenge II

Bigger and Better


PACKWOOD WA Sept 13-14 2008




Friendly competition to decide the "most skilled" internet car forum or car club.


This consists of a "heads up" straight line acceleration test or "Drag"A "Drift OFF" Drifting competition


And an Autocross competition.


This will decide which club or forum has the best cars, and the best drivers AS A GROUP.


All drivers are welcome to try their skills in any, or all of the tests. You do not have to be a member of any club to participate. No special skills or car modifications are required. A street legal , safe car is all you need!! All cars will be inspected to meet safety guidelines, please review SCCA, and NWAA published safety rules. All cars run one at a Time NO side by side competition!


Saturday Drift/ Drag Track opens @ 7 AM


Registration and tech inspections 7:30 to 8:30 for "drag" portion of "Smackdown Challenge"


DO NOT BE LATE, Watch the Weather forecast


A maximum car count of no more than 70 cars per drag/drift segment will be imposed, due to time constraints. Teams are set up with a minimum of 4 competitors. Pre registered teams get first dibs on 70 car field


If it looks like Rain, for safety, we will start with the "Drift" portion of the competition, so BE PREPARED to adjust your schedule.


Registration for the afternoon segment will begin @ 11:30 first car out by 1 PM. It is important you not be late. Cars showing up after 1 PM will not be allowed to compete on Saturday.


Work assignment will be required of all competitors.


SMACKDOWN will not be a NWAA point

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