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720 4x4 Front Rotor Replacement


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I am in the process working on replacing the front rotors for the truck, but I have ran into a slight problem. 


I got the casing off the manual hub and the lock ring, however, I cannot get the gear set off. Any tricks and such I can use to get this thing apart?


Is there anything else I need while I am in this? Some say they need a gear puller to get the hub/rotor off, and some say you have to pull the ball joints...


Thanks! I'll make a DIY thread once this is all completed.



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Here is some service info. Hope it helps!


  1. Raise and support front of vehicle and remove wheel.
  2. Disconnect brake caliper assembly and position aside. Do not allow brake line to support weight of caliper.
  3. Remove locking hub assembly as outlined.
  4. On 1984-86 models, disconnect tie rod using suitable tool.
  5. On all models, support lower control arm with suitable jack to relieve spring tension, then remove steering knuckle to knuckle arm attaching bolt.
  6. Remove upper and lower ball joint-to-link attaching nuts.
  7. Separate steering knuckle from upper and lower links, then remove knuckle and hub assembly from vehicle.



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Progress! Don't need to disconnect the tie-rod end or anything like that. I should have a walk through done tomorrow or Sunday on how to do this job. It is a lot easier than I thought. It is a shame though that there isn't any information anywhere but yay! 

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