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Poppin out of no where.

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So all the sudden ive been seeing 620's everywhere.. I seen a nice little orange one out in gresham,today i saw a nice little blue guy on 162nd an glisan.. It's making me want to finish mine :D


There are tons of them on the road. It amazes me seeing so many down here. Very few 521's tho. Lots of 620s... Lots of Z's too..


Wonder why all the 510's dissapeared :(



Makes me want to finish my truck. Also makes me want to get my 510 running as well.

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I haven't been to The Department in along time,aren't you that dude that came down to the daycare to swap tranny's?



mine is getting a new engine i am hoping to get it back on the road in time for blue lake


I will definitely be at blue lake,There's a black 510 on CL that look's exactly like your's but different rim's.

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