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Just picked up some Appliance meshies for my 510, what lug nuts?


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Got these on Craigslist for $50. Going to clean them up, paint the mesh to match my 510, and polish the lip. What kind of lug nuts do these take? I read somewhere a while back that wheels like this took the 280zx style lug nuts, just trying to make sure.


A rockauto part number would be super helpful. I had bought 16 stocker style lug nuts a week ago before I realized they took different style nuts.



P.S.> I assume these are Appliance only because the center cap has a weird stylized "A" on them. Says "Japan" on the inside of the wheel, along with some other stuff. 14 inch.

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dont do this:

but ive used regular steelie lug nuts on iron cross mags for a decade, not a problem so far, other than a four way wont fit, gotta use a socket, and it will shape the shank area to where a propper lug will no longer work.

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Easy is going to cost between $30 and $100 dollars. Most local yards, if they pull the wheels off, end up leaving the lug nuts on the driver side floorboards, at least most of the time. I'm guessing the pricing will be around 50 cents a piece.

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