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Can someone help me with mileage?

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Buy or steal a pencil and a piece of paper.  Write down the odometer mileage the next time you fill, repeat FILL up your tank.  Drive the car, not so hard so far eh!  The next time you go to the gas station, fill repeat FILL the tank, write down the mileage and the amount of gasoline you just put in. 


Now comes the hard part!  Subtract the old mileage number from the mileage you just wrote down, don't forget to record this number, and divide [you do remember how to do this don't you]  the result by the number of gallons of gasoline you just put into the tank.


Now that wasn't so hard was it?



Pardon the sarcasm but this was definitly a posting that deserved a flaming.

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i have a '69 510 wagon with an L16 engine.  about how many miles to the gallon would you say i'm getting? city and otherwise?



Fill tank and write down the mileage. Next time you gas up, fill completely and subtract the first mileage reading from this one. Divide this mileage by how many gallons to fill the car and this will equal an average of the miles per gallon. Keep a running grand total of the miles driven and the gas bought and divide this for a more accurate number.

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