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Datsun 510 2dr Sedan Konig Rewind fitment...


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hey ratsun... i'm planning on getting a set of Konig Rewinds (14x7, -9 offset) and for tires, 185/55/14. Would these fit on my 510 without too much trouble? i still have stock suspension but i have lowering springs/shocks. i don't want flares and don't wanna pull the fenders but the fender lips have been rolled already. any help would be appreciated. thanks!

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That will be tight I hope you like negative camber.  People have run them before though, so it should work.  Do more searching for specifics...




This car I believe is on the same size tires with the rewinds, 185/55-14


It will be easier on a 2 door but most likely you will need to work the lips out to get low.


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that blue sr20ve 510 looks good and it seems like the wheels fit with no flares...

Not sure the wheels on the blue one are 14".


The Konigs also came in 15 x 7.


make sure before you buy them. 


I know that the 14 x 7 did not fit my stock body 2 door as the set you see on the dark green BRE flared 510 above used to be on my 240Z and I tried them on my 510 before I sold them to the owner of that car.

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