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Hi, I am new to Ratsun. Ive finally started my 240z l28et build. Im focusing on bodywork before i even touch my engine, tranny, suspension or differential. Im looking for some fender flares for my 240z. With a L28et in it, its going to fishtail with those skinny little tires. Ive looked into ZG flares. but im not too excited about the hole marks left around it. i want something flush and smooth against the body. Nothing too wide, bulgy and gaudy. Ive looked into Mark Rolstons Flares he put on his 240z. They look kinda like MSA flares. He had them molded and installed for him at al's body shop in austin, TX. I have called numerous times in the past month and have not gotten an answer or a reply. Does anyone know where else i could fine a set. or anything that fits my description. 



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You can make your own from fiberglass to look however you want. Though the most respectable type are metal flares welded and integrated into the body. A little searching and you can find the metal flares. So you have to ask yourself, punk, do you feel magnetic?

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They also have a new style of ZG flares that are sort of the best of both worlds. Shape of ZG, but smooth (no visible bolts/rivets).



Yeah ive seen them, they look great. but i just dont like just dont like the visible space between the flares and the body, Im willing to dish out the $450 that AL told me they were for all four. Its just a matter of getting them on. lol :D

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On 1/3/2013 at 7:52 PM, datsunfreak said:

Mark's car is cool, but ZG flares is where it's at.  B)


I can recommend a few good body shops closer to home if need be.  :thumbup:



Mark's car is very unique. Never seen any flares like his...



VW bug fenders cut and used as flares.

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