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320 with an SR20DET


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Holy shit Wayno! You're insane. That has to weigh a ton, at least.


It's more than a ton, them tires have 40psi in them and they are still getting flattened.

I also have 100psi in the overload air bags.


It has 2 extra leafs also.


The truck has the hardbody dual piston caliper/vented brakes, but it is over loaded.

I would guess that the load weighed more than a ton, likely closer to a ton and a half, at least.

I built this truck to haul weight.

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On 12/22/2012 at 7:17 PM, andys320 said:

hi guys i recently bought a 65 320 and im attempting to put a sr20 in it now im havng problems with finding a diff thats very close to the standard size diff as i belive the standard diff may not be up for the job and i dont want to cut a diff down because it wont be as strong as standard ie. case hardening on the splines and so forth has anyone got any tips 


Can you please share more info on your SR20 swap and how complex it was.  I am looking to do the same.



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