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A10's U-nite !!!!

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Grayland? The blue skies threw me.


Have you heard about Nissan bringing out the New 510?

Yeah, and i saw the new 240sx so i dont think a good looking car is coming out of Nissan soon  :rofl:

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Grayland, its south of Wet-pit



Grayland, north of Tokeland.





Since this is picture thread


1979 Datsun 1800J SSS race car supposedly powered by a L28 with triple Webers..






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A10 front ends are identical except for 3 things:


1) The grille (which is flat and boring on the 80-81)

2) The headlight assemblies

3) The rubber "pushers" on the bumpers.


Unlike a 210 (B310) switching from one style to the other is EXTREMELY easy.  No external sheet metal changes at all.


US/Canada got different 78-79 grilles than the rest of the world.  The square 80-81 ones were all the same, with the rare exception of the 2-headlight version.  There were a few odd rare ones, as the A10 was built past 1981 in a couple markets like South Africa.  Supposedly the A10 had an '82 model year in Australia.


The one (well, 2) parts I badly, badly want to find are the rear taillights from a '80-81 3-door Coupe.  The US got the 3-door only in 78-79, then a 5-door Hatchback for 80-81.  The taillights changed at the same time as the headlights (except the Wagon which kept the same tails) and finding those 3-door 80-81 taillights has been a mission for me for 20 years.  Have never seen a set in person even when overseas (only saw a couple 140Js in Egypt and all were 4-door sedans).

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I like the forward leaning front end better.




They are all forward leaning.  ;)


Only difference is round or rectangle headlights.  :thumbup:






.... than the PL510.



It's so nice to see the HL get some attention.

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